Dumbell Nebula

Telescope C9.25 on MI-250 Designation M27
Focal Length F/5 1125mm Position RA 19h 59m DEC 22* 44.1'
Guiding SX Guide head thru Tak FS60-C Type Panetary Nebula
Control MaximDL Magnitude 8
CCD Camera Starlightxpress SXV-H9 Size 13 arcminutes
Image Scale 2.44 arcsec Distance 900 light years
Filters Astronomics type II RGB Constellation Vulpecula
Exposures 10 x 3 min Lum 1x1, 8 x 3 min ea RGB 2x2    
Calibration Flats, Bias only    
Software MaximDL, Photoshop CS2    
Date Nov 4th, 2007    
NOTES:Imaged at Nicholasville, Ky. Last image with the MI-250 mount.