Helix Nebula Up Close

Telescope 12.5" AGO Newt on AP1200 Designation NGC7293
Focal Length F/3.8 1200mm Position R.A. 22h 29m 48.20s Dec. -20 49' 26.0"
Guiding SX OAG with Lodestar Type Planetary Nebula
Control MaximDL Magnitude 13.5
CCD Camera FLI ML8300 Size 27 arcminutes
Image Scale .94 arcsec Distance 700 Light years
Filters AstroDon LRGB Constellation Aquarius
Exposures 9 x 5min Lum 1x1, 6 x 5min ea RGB 2x2    
Calibration Flats, Darks    
Software MaximDL, Photoshop CS5    
Date Chiefland Star Party Oct 2011    
NOTES: This was at the Chiefland Astronomy village.