M76 Little Dumbell Nebula

Telescope C9.25 on AP1200GTO Designation M76
Focal Length F/5.8 1365mm Position RA 1h 43m DEC 51* 37'
Guiding eFinder & Sbig Guide Head Type Planetary Nebula
Control MaximDL Magnitude 12
CCD Camera SBIG ST2000XM Size 3.2 arcminutes
Image Scale 1.12 arcsec Distance 3400 Light years
Filters AstroDon LRGB Constellation Perseus/TD>
Exposures 13 x 3 min Lum 1x1, 12 x 1 min ea RGB 2x2    
Calibration Flats, Bias only    
Software MaximDL, Photoshop CS2    
Date Peach State Star Gaze Sept 2008    
Imaged at the Deerlick Astronomy Village. M76 is among the fainter Messier objects. It is known under the names Little Dumbbell Nebula