NGC2170 Bright Nebula

Telescope Tak Epsilon 160 on AP1200 Designation NGC2170
Focal Length F/3.3 525mm Position RA 6h 8m DEC -6* 24'
Guiding Lodestar and eFinder Type Bright Nebula
Control MaximDL Magnitude 30
CCD Camera FLI ML8300 Size 2x2
Image Scale 2.0 arcsec Distance 2600 Light years
Filters AstroDons RGB Constellation Monoceros
Exposures 12 x 10 min Lum 1x1, 12 x 5 min ea RGB 2x2    
Calibration Flats, Bias, darks    
Software MaximDL, Photoshop CS2    
Date Winter Star Party Feb 2012    
Difficult image to process and show the dusty areas without too much noise. Hope it looks right with your monitor settings.